Youth Football

The time is now!

Protect our players, Increase Participation, Change the Game.

Decrease Injury Rates During Practice & Rengergize

53% of injuries occur during practice
46% of all concussions occurred during practice

Increase Participation

At Dartmouth, the football team saw a 58% reduction in concussions in the first two seasons that the MVPs were introduced into practice.

MVP is excited to announce that we will be bringing our game saving technology that is being utilized by half the NFL, over 30 Colleges, and over 50 high schools to Youth Football!
“I also love it for youth football, because there are kids that don’t know how to ‘be the dummy’ if you will when they’re teaching form tackling. To have something that can really take that shot and teach kids the right way - the technically sound way - of tackling, I love this!”

– Jeff Saturday

Revolutionizing Youth Football