***Drastically Reduced Head Injuries***

Decreased CONCUSSIONS at Dartmouth College Football by 58%. During the 2018 season at Dartmouth College,
21 out of 22 starters played every game leading them to a 9-1 record. Dartmouth uses 6 MVP|DRIVES during their practices.

Reduce player-on-player contact

Allow players the opportunity to practice situations that were, until now, too risky to practice

Reinforce proper form

Allow players to experience live, game-like scenarios without putting teammates in harm’s way

Replace a players in a contact drill

Allow coaches to adjust the speed of a drill to ensure proper technique

Keep players fresh for game day

Allow coaches to vary each rep making players make game-like decisions & reactions

“I think it is the greatest piece of football equipment that has been invented in the last couple years, I think it’s the cat’s meow, we could use it for a lot of things: tackling drills, pass rush… probably every NFL team has them… and we have 5 of them I told my coaches that they are expensive and very valuable so they should use them and I think they will.”

– University of Arizona Head Coach, Rich Rodriguez
“Just seeing the technology. Being able to hit a moving target. We’ve used the donuts that came out last year, they really helped guys put their on the side. But it’s not the same as going to the ground, taking something to the ground and getting your body accustomed to going to the ground without using your head.”

– Notre Dame Head Coach, Brian Kelly
“It speaks volumes to what our school is doing to promote player safety. When I made the request, and outlined the positives for our players’ health, it was a very fast yes from our department.”

– University of Ottawa Head Coach, Jamie Barresi

Revolutionizing College & High School Football