The creators of the world’s first robotic self-righting tackling dummy Future of Training



MVP|SPRINT is the newest mobile, remote controlled, self-righting, padded training dummy that will hit the fields in 2019! SPRINT was designed with high schools in mind, budget-friendly ($3,450) and enhanced performance on rougher grass fields.

Reduce Impacts. Improve Performance


Reaches speeds up to 16 mph with Zero-radius Turning capacity

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Comparable weight to an elite athlete
at 160lbs

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Smart, internal battery management
system - lasts from 3-6 hours

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Increased clearance, thicker tires, and a grass/turf mode make SPRINT our best performing dummy on grass and rough field surfaces

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“It never gets tired and it runs at an appropriate football speed. In today’s NFL, with player safety the focus, I think it’s going to provide opportunities to improve without the hand to hand or man to man combat.”

– Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin
“Just seeing the technology. Being able to hit a moving target. We’ve used the donuts that came out last year, they really helped guys put their on the side. But it’s not the same as going to the ground, taking something to the ground and getting your body accustomed to going to the ground without using your head.”

– Arizona Cardinals Head Coach, Bruce Arians

Rugged impact design with full 2-year warranty


Cover your practice field from end to end with over 500 yards range


Foam padded from top to bottom and includes Automatic tackle shutoff at the moment of impact

Smart Control Technology

Built-in smart technology steering correction and self-righting

Professional Coaches Perspective